FreeOTP Releases

The past few weeks have seen new releases of FreeOTP on both of our supported platforms.



On iOS, we released a small bug-fix release to the initial version we published several months ago. Aside from a crasher bug, the main theme of this release is UI refinement.

Editing and reordering is now modal. When in edit mode, a single press will bring up the edit menu and a long-press will activate reordering. We also now properly handle scrolling when there are too many tokens for the screen. Lastly, the token is automatically copied to the clipboard when activating a new token code.

All in all, this is a solid release.

FreeOTP Android

FreeOTP Android
FreeOTP Android

On Android, we released a major release which brings many new features and UI refinements. The biggest of these is image support. Images can be selected for each token. Images can also be provisioned to the device via an undocumented OTP URI query parameter. Aside from image support, the UI has begun to shift towards the Material Design specifications (for the upcoming Android L release). This includes a change from the card UI to a grid UI. Additionally, like iOS, tokens are now automatically copied to the clipboard.

One note about permissions is necessary. In the new Android release, the INTERNET and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions are now required. In the latter case, this enables us to read images stored on the external storage. In the former case, this permits OTP token provisioners (the people who give you the QR code) to bundle a link to a token image. We feel this features is worth the additional permission. In the case of iOS, FreeOTP already has these permissions and uses them responsibly. Android will be no different. If you don’t trust us, you can read the code.

If you are running CyanogenMod, or have installed an app which allows you to manage permissions on installed apps, you can feel free to turn off the internet permission. You will not lose any functionality except automatic provisioning of token images.

6 thoughts on “FreeOTP Releases

  1. After the Android update, is there any way to (semi-)automatically add images existing OTPs, without having to manually hunt for the image, save it somewhere, then edit the token?

    I already have a dozen tokens on FreeOTP, so I’d like to add an icon to them.

    And thanks for the update!

    1. I’m afraid not. There is no metadata to even make that possible. Sorry!

      (FYI, this is precisely why we need internet permission to make it possible for token providers to specify this metadata…)

  2. Since I’m using this app for security reasons, I’m going to wait to upgrade until the Internet permission is removed. Do you have a guess on how long that will be, or a recommendation for another app for other people who are interested in OTP because they want a more secure life?

  3. No I don’t think the permissions are worth it. They are invasive for *no* functionality.

    I had great hopes for this OTP implementations, but this just shattered all the dreams.

  4. Hey Nathaniel

    Is it possible to move keys from an Android device to another? ie if the screen is broken and MTP access is still possible

    I like FreeOTP, keep up the good job

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