Announcing FreeOTP

I’d like to announce the general availability of FreeOTP for Android. It is available for install now in the Google Play store.

FreeOTP is a multi-factor authentication client based on the HOTP and TOTP standards. FreeOTP features:

  • A FLOSS code base
  • Support for HOTP or TOTP
  • Native QR code scanning
  • Adherence to the Android UI design principles
  • Tablet support

We anticipate that FreeOTP should work with any server providing HOTP or TOTP support, including the upcoming OTP support in FreeIPA.

So, if you fancy a bit of adventure, please try FreeOTP! We welcome your feedback. Please also don’t forget to leave your positive reviews on Google Play so that it will be easier for other Android users to find out about FreeOTP.

We have also developed FreeOTP for iOS and are currently working to bring it to the Apple App Store. Please stay tuned for future news!

The FreeOTP project is hosted on Fedora Hosted. We welcome your feedback and contributions.

6 thoughts on “Announcing FreeOTP

  1. Congratulations, very good job !!!!!!

    I changed the method currentTimeInMilli() on Token.m, because in IOS i was receiving wrong results.

    static uint64_t currentTimeInMilli()
    return (uint64_t) ([[NSDate date] timeIntervalSince1970] * 1000);

    Rodrigo Carvalho

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