Lexington in exemplum

Bluegrass Airport is a microcosm of Lexington, KY. It is also a fantastic example of everything I love about living here. To be sure it is a small airport: one terminal, two concourses and a collection of puddle-jumpers that fly only to larger airports. But everything about flying here reminds me of why I choose to live in the Bluegrass.

There is never traffic leading into the airport, nor could you get confused about where to go. Everything is clearly labelled. The landscaping is well appropriated and the buildings are clean, modern and offer free WiFi. I have only once seen a line for security, and it was when a large group was flying. Every employee, both public and private, smiles and wishes you good day or a safe flight.

Flying out of Lexington may be small on features, but it is big on charm. It has one restaurant (deSha’s) and one coffee stand. But the food is always high quality, prepared quickly and at a fair price. On my last trip, upon approaching the desk of the coffee stand, I was offered an apology that they had just raised their prices. However, they told me that since I was the first customer since the price raise they would give me my item at the old price!

This theme extends all over Lexington. While it may not have everything, it is big enough to have everything you need without the problems larger cities face. It is clean, friendly, well appointed and with an abundance of charm (especially, driving through its nearby horse farms). You couldn’t ask for a better place to raise a family!

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