Monthly Archives: January 2012

systemd Rocks My World

In the spirit of giving credit where it is due, I had my first foray into systemd last week. It is well designed, implemented and documented. Kudos! If I have one complaint, its that in the documentation many subject matters that are related are divided into different areas (for example systemd.socket, systemd.service and systemd.exec). I’d love to see a single page version of this documentation so you can search through it for relevant things.

Testing Needed (MongoDB)

I’ve built packages of MongoDB 2.0.2 for f15, f16 and f17. This should be a drop in replacement for your 1.8.x server. See for further details.

However, I had to rewrite the patch providing js 1.8.5 support. So I’d like some hands on testing before I push out this update.

The builds should appear shortly in updates-testing and you can provide here:


Arrived at FUDCon Blacksburg

I arrived at FUDCon this evening at about 5pm after picking up tdfischer and codeblocker from the airport. We went out to dinner with Colin Walters and John Palmieri and a bunch of others. It was a lot of fun. It was also great to meet up with Dan Walsh again and to meet Dave Jones and Josh Boyer.

I’m looking forward to the workshop tomorrow on Fedora multi-factor authentication and I’ll be proposing BarCamp-style talks on my Kerberos OTP work and libql. If you’re on your way to Blacksburg, see you there!