Dish Network Goes Back on their Word

Earlier this year I cancelled my Dish Network account. I found I really didn’t watch TV much anymore and had no interest in continuing my service. At first the cancellation process seemed to go smoothly. The representative was quite nice on the phone. After offering to give me a special deal, she promptly agreed to close my account and even offered to wave the shipping fee to return the receivers. The boxes came and I shipped back the equipment. Within a week I even received a refund from Dish Network since I had over-paid my service. “Wow!” I thought, “that was easy.”

Until November 16th, when I received a call from a debt collector attempting to collect outstanding Dish Network charges of $31 and change. The only correspondence that I had previous to this from Dish Network was a bill clearly outlining my balance at $0 and the refund. At first I thought this must have been a simple mistake, one that could be easily fixed by a simple phone call.

So the same day I called Dish Network support to inquire about these strange charges. I was informed by the representative that the cancellation agent did not have the authority to waive the shipping charges for return of the equipment and that these had been applied after the refund check had already been issued. I told the CSR that she may not have had the authority to do so, but that I was nonetheless told that I would not have to pay them and that Dish Network needs to honor this, especially since I had never received notification of any charges. The CSR replied that she did not have the authority, so I escalated to the floor supervisor. After taking some time to listen to my request, the floor supervisor agreed with my complaint and offered to credit my account for the amount of shipping and to rescind the amount from collections. I of course agreed.

Today, November 30th, I received a call again from the same debt collector. I again repeated that I am disputing the charge and called Dish Network. The first Dish Network agent I spoke to reiterated the old line: “you have to pay these charges.” I again escalated to the floor supervisor. Not only did the floor supervisor refuse to honor the word of, not one, but two previous Dish Network agents, she also told me that there was no record of my escalation to the floor supervisor on November 16th and therefore no record of her agreeing to credit my account!

Dish Network, if you are listening, do the right thing. If a customer representative tells you that something will happen, do it. If they misspoke in violation of your internal policy, respect your customer enough to bend the rules and honor your word. And, for God’s sake, if you promise to credit someone’s account, do it!

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  1. I wanted to apologize about the confusion. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. When you cancel services the equipment has to be sent back within 30 days to avoid additional charges. For retuning your leased equipment back to DISH Network, you have the option of using the packaging and label we provide for you, or you can choose your own shipping method. However, you will generally save money by using our packaging as it is only $15 per shipping label, which is as low as half the cost of other couriers. I would be happy to look into this for you please email me your account number to better assist you.

    1. After having a horrible experience with trying to cancel my service with DISH I will be letting everyone I know as well as putting signs in my yard telling people to not sign up for dish and why!!
      And as far as the Dish equipment is concerned like I told your rep on the phone if you want it back come and get!!! I could give a shit if you send my account to collections I won’t pay it just ask my credit cards if I pay them?!! My best advice for dish employees is too start looking for a new job cause dishes days are numbered!!! Can’t wait for demise of Dish!!!



  2. I also sent my Dish Network equipment back. I asked the rep if I should pay my bill now or wait until the box charges were added. He said I could just wait for a final bill. I just got the bill. Creation date November 14th 2011. I paid it today Dec 1st 2011. When I got home from work there was a collection for the final bill??? WTF is with that? Really two weeks and a collection letter?? I called the Collection agency and they said they could see a pending payment. Hmmmmm? They also said It would not show on my credit report since it was paid. I did not pay the CA I paid dish online. We will see. I will never NEVER!!! Go back to dish. I was going to when I got back from active duty deployment, but not with this kind of service.

  3. I was a dish customer for approx 14 years I canceled they told me I had to pay to return equipment Dish is your lisening I will never use you again because of this I was a customer way befor there fees went into effect I am going to contact the atty general and ftc and see if they can do this Like I told the CSA and then HIs mananger I ask for I completed my contract a long time ago they are mad because you leave them well I tried for approx 7 months from october to get them to make things right with no advail Dish you wont get customers back you loose by doing this at least not me I will pay the shipping and you can have this equipment its no use to me and I WONT BE BACK

  4. I was a dish customer too, when I sign up for the dish service, the rep told me I’ll only be signing up for 1 year of service. Then without reading the contract, I sign it. What an idiot I was, laster I realize I sign up for two years. So , I was fine with it, gladly paying till the end of the second year. While I was on the phone tried to cancel it, I ask them this is my final bill right, the inform me yes and just have to ship the equipment back in the pre-packed shipping package from dish. So I did, a month later, I got a bill for 15.98. I was really upset, I already paid everything I was and wasn’t supposed to paid. I already cheated me once, now this time, no more. I chose not to pay the money. Now it goes toward collection, Do I Give A Damn, NO. If dish and the debt collector is willing to spend that much time and money to collect 15.98, please go right ahead and report me to the credit bureau company. I will rather give to homeless than paying it. I’m upset by these lying, cheating companies, trying to use contract to bind you and suck your blood dry. I call and told the collection agency I will not paid, he was threatening the call will be recorded, I said that’s fine. I will not paid the money and go ahead and report me. I Don’t CARE…. Dish is the worst company I’ll ever encountered, I use never ever use them again. I hate it when company rep only disclosed info that’s benefit to the company and not the consumer. Dish do not care about their consumer and how they’re treated, they only care about money money and money. The rep are trained to cheat you….. DO NOT USE DISH NETWORK, YOu’ll only end up angry, dissapointed and cheated.

    1. At least they sent you the bill. I just sent the stuff back come to find out they had just sent me to collections and reported it to Experian which dropped my credit score a lot for that chump change it pisses me off

  5. Dish Network is still at it. November 2012 and debt collectors are calling. I pay all my bills. Ahead of time. I believe they are doing this to punish people for cancelling. I smell a class action law suit coming.

    1. don’t use dish-net then…its the old Hughes-net….I have it, but im thinking of just paying them out to end of contract, you know…like turn their service ..that should cover the over use of download…dish told me I had bought a contr. that limits the amount of download bytes ya can download w/out a email, every time they can(this should be misuse of my acnt. by dish)…etc…ya got the idea…I used to be a PC technician…I watch very close most of the time…but the7y got me anyway…tom r

  6. I have had a similliar experience with Dish up to the point of verbally being told that they would remove the equipment return fee. After reading this post I hope they honor their commitment of waiving the fee. I did manage to record a portion of the conversation as well the operator’s direct phone number 303-942-8605 ext 52836.

    With this being said it was very painful to get them to the point of stating they would waive the return fee. I made it clear to them that I read the contract which I signed at the time of signing up for service and that it did NOT state that I had to pay the price of returning the equipment.

    I also let them know that I am aware of my rights when a debt is in dispute and the means in which they can go about collecting the debt once it has been established that the debt is in dispute.

    We will see if they honor their agreement on the shipping fee..

  7. I have called and emailed dish about the mistake on my bill it was to be corrected but it still has not been done that is why I don`t have my account out of my checking account lets please get this corrected soon my bill is due next week and I will pay what I owe but not what my Bill says Lynda a very unhappy customer

  8. After 16 years of service with Dish and NEVER being late paying my bill they treated me badly so I decided to cancel my service. I called and of course hey were extremely nice and even offered to ‘bundle’ services. As an idiot, I say yes, however; on the same day I decided to cancel anyway and called them back. Of course for that they transfer you to the rudest, careless people in the world that have absolutely no good customer service skills whatsoever. She tells me I HAVE to pay $17 per receiver and that I HAVE to send them back. I told her that if she wanted her receivers back, she could send one of her techs to pick them up because I was done paying them a dime. She said she ‘could’ not do that and had the nerve to hang up on me! I was so furious that I called back again, this time I got someone that was halfway nice and assured me that I did not have to pay any fees to return the equipment. What happens today? I get three emails (I had three DVR’s) DEMANDING the equipment to be returned saying they include shipping labels and that if I decide to use them, they will charge my account $17 for each. I am furious, I thought I was done with this company, they are horrible and clearly don’t care for loyalty or give good customer service. I am so frustrated right now and don’t know what to do. If people are reading this and are thinking of hiring Dish TRUST ME run, do not do business with this company!!!

  9. The worst internet service ever was told one price for one year every month bill goes up was also told was not Hugh net and it is, not only do they cheat you out of money they flat out lie!

  10. dish network is a prime example of fasciism in its purest form. not only are they the children of the devil (john8:44) but they are in alliance with the FCC to cheat honest people out of a decent living and decent life. they deny the truth when you have copies of their correspondece claiming to give refunds which makes them godforsaken pieces of crap!!!

  11. Dish took out a different amount every month from my bank account (if you don’t sign up for their auto pay they charge $20 more a month for services) A few years ago they gave Cinemax for free if you did auto pay now they charge you! Anyway long story short… one year ago I lost my home and am staying with family so I have no way to have their service and was told the contract was no longer an issue (to put it briefly) I found out 6 months ago when Dish took $350 from my checking account (even though I changed that info when I cancelled) that dish had been attempting to debit my account for $350 and $235 since July 2012..2 weeks after I moved! Every few days they did this and BOA should have alerted me to such activity to my account. That is a security issue~had they done so dish would have not have been able to get that from me! I hen filed a dispute with BOA about that charge and even when I did a 3 way call with the bank and Dish…they said my receivers were never sent back (they had been weeks before) and I asked if that was rue why were you trying to charge me this less than 30 days after I cancelled? BOA finally reversed the charge and when Dish “found the receivers I sent back…they only gave me back $121! I never got the $75 Visa gift card from the offer I signed up for…or the overcharges. So my next step is small claims court. Normally big companies will settle with you instead of spending more $ to send a rep or lawyer out. I know this from experience…

  12. After 7 years of paying $160 a month we canceled Dish Network and switched to Verizon Fios in March 2013 to save money, also for two years two of our TVs would not work and every time Dish came out the TVs would work for about three days then stop.Even though we had asked that the original receivers be replaced Dish refused and said they were fine.

    We shipped the equipment back and Dish agreed they owed us a $451 refund as a result of minor over payments through the years. Dish said a check was to be issued.

    We called again on June 21, 2013 again Dish said the check was to be issued and we should receive it in 5 to 7 business days.As of July 17, 2013 of course, We have not received a check.

  13. I too closed my Dish Network account (after many years) and was told I will be mailed a shipping box and I will be charged $17 to return their equipment. They leave the responsibility on the consumer to get their receiver unit to them, or bill the consumer for the unit until they receive it. This is very bad service. I sent their unit back, but I am sharing this story with all my family, friends, neighbors, even strangers on the train I take to work. Everyone needs to know that Dish has shirked its’ responsibility to retrieve their own equipment, and is billing the consumer for something they need to do. The retrieval of their equipment should not be charged to the consumer. I have never heard of this before. Dish, you have permanently lost a customer, and I will continue to share my story with any who will listen. You blew it, Dish, everybody needs to know how bad your customer service is.

    1. I canceled my service with Dish today. I was out of my two year contract. I decided to switch back to DirecTV because I was excited to get new equipment (Whole Room DVR w/ five tuners) as well as reduced monthly payments (for twelve months) and a $100 gift card. Unfortunately, that $100 gift card is going to mostly be eaten up by the cost of returning equipment to Dish. It’s an odd thing. You pay them a monthly fee to use their receivers and when they want the stuff back–or they’ll charge you hundreds of dollars–it’s up to you to foot the bill AGAIN. They’ve got you coming and going.

      The girl on the phone offered me a $300 credit and a free year of HBO to stay with Dish, but I’d still be stuck with aging equipment and a costly monthly package. Also, I already signed up with DirecTV so there was no going back. However, there is always the option that after two years of DirecTV I’d return to Dish… until they hit me with the $17/receiver return labels. I was disgusted to hear about these hidden charges. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I argued. Finally they agreed to credit me for ONE label. Still, it was really crappy customer service and I doubt I’d ever use them again. I certainly won’t recommend them to anyone.

      When I left DirecTV a few years back I never paid to return their equipment… but maybe this is standard in the industry now. No wonder so many people are cutting the cord and going to Roku/Apple TV.

      Bad form, Dish. Bad form.

    2. I agree. I will never use DISH again just because I have to pay to return the old equipment that I leased for 7 years. There is no drop off site. This is not right. We feel again that these large companies are to big and they get away with to much.

    3. Its like this when you get a cell phone for free on a new 2 year contract why can’t you keep the equipment they send you. There going to have to come get mine because I want there ugly dish and wire gone and the holes they drilled into my home and holes and grass the dug up straight across my lawn fixed..

  14. We just cancelled our dish service after 5 years of service. The contract expired well over a year ago and we tried to renegotiate a better deal. The could not meet the competitor’s offer, so we cancelled. Now we are told we have to send back some of the equipment, which means disassembling part of the dish. We told the representative to send over a technician to this and pick up their equipment, since we have no time to deal with their equipment. Their representatives are driving up and down the street all the time, we figured they can come and be responsible for their own equipment. We were told this would be $50 special service order and we would have to pay for that. This sounds totally unreasonable. It seems proper that if they don’t pick up their equipment in a timely manner, they should be responsible for paying storage fees to us. “THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE”. I do believe a class action suit is warranted.

  15. My wife and I separated 7 months ago and I moved out and had my dish transferred to a differnet addess. I have had dish for at least 15 years. A month ago three boxes show up at my door for the 3 receivers I had at the house where the xwife still resides. I call dishnetwork of the situation and the representative stated it was not a problem and ups would pick the boxes up and bring them to my x wifes house. The x wife is refusing to return the receives and Dishnetwork is threatening to turn me over to collections for $900.00. I asked for a copy of the contract that i signed and the representative stated that they dont keep them that long and I was responsible for paying for them unless I could prove I purchased them. This is bullshit. I will not pay for something I do not have and I never once signed a contract with them obligating myself to pay for the receivers. The x wife signed everything but just because the card was in my name im somehow solely responsible for paying for them. If Dish Network puts a negative account on my credit report I will take every available action including taking legal action agains Dish. I urge all of you who have been subjecte to similar treatment to call your attorney generals office and talk to an attorney about your legal remedies. Do not let this company rip you off. You have rights as a consumer.

  16. I cancelled my service with dish before it ever started because of their customer service. I was told I would receive my refund in 3-5 business days. It’s been almost 3 weeks ago and I have still not received my refund. Dish lies and steals from their customers. Buyers be ware and do not do business with them.

  17. Almost the same situation at my house. Except my charge was for $478!!! and they did not even have authorization to use that account. I was told by 2 floor supervisors that this money would be refunded, and the second one told me that it WAS refunded. 1 week later…. still not in my bank account. I called back and the person that they finally sent me to was in “the presidents office” LOL.. Bull crap.. her boss still had the title of “coach” . Needless to say they denied that the other 2 floor managers said my account would be credited. I have contacted the Colorado BBB (dish is based in Colorado) and filed a complaint. 4 days later… I finally have my money back after a 2 month dispute. DISH LIES!!!!! Anyone with issues…. file a BBB complaint in hopes that one day they will realize they can keep more customers with good service, not lies!

  18. If anyone is reading this and is considering signing a contract with Dish Network, I have one word for you, DON’T! They leave it to you to recover all the boxes splitter and part of the dish and charge you to return their equipment. WOW never again will I do dish!

  19. yep, same thing happening to me right now! As soon as i cancelled with a zero balance & no contract. 10 years with dish, & they are pulling this crap with me. Am i mad? HELL yeah i’m pissed. First of all i had to email them asking where & when is this return stuff coming, because i told her as she was rubbing it in about how i would be chargrd this & that…., that the reciever was sitting right here waiting for the shipping box ! Then she started about the remotes! ARE YOU KIDDING ME i said, i know plenty of people that said, you just send back the recievers. So i told her that & she said…. well just send the reciever. I CAN TELL YOU ALL WHATS GOING ON HERE- they DISH are losing so many customers that they will do whatever they have to so they can get back as much money as the can so they can keep afloat! atleast thats how they are making it seem? Charging comitted customers to return equiptment back that they will probably just throw in the trash ANYWAY! IDIOTS need to try to make changes to keep thier customers not f–k them all! they won’t survive, you’ll see. bankrupt 1 day, not soon enough!

  20. I have an issue with Dish as well. Two payments were taken from my bank account on March 26. When I called customer service, I was told that the refund would be processed. I called everyday last week and started calling again everyday this week and I am being told the same thing. The refund has been processed and it should take 3-5 business for you to get it. Last Wednesday, April 2 I was told that the money would not be refunded, but be held to be applied towards my next bill. These people are full of lies. I went into my account and took my account off auto payment so this would not happen again. But it is mighty funny how they will quickly disconnect your service if you don’t pay them, but when they owe you money it takes forever to get it back. This morning (April 8) I was told that the refund was processed. I informed them the refund has not been processed because the credit balance is still showing on my account and she said it would take 2 days for me to see it come off. I would bet anything that she was lying and tomorrow morning I will still see that credit on my account and my money will not be refunded. I can’t wait until my contract is up with them so I can switch over to a different service. The customer service reps are a bunch of liars. They need to stop with the B**** S***. They should realize they do have customers that are smart and know what the processes of refunding money to someone’s account. It does not take 30 days to do it. And stop blaming the bank.

  21. Hi my name is cody. I was with dish network for 2 years. When I started I was on a promotion for 19.99 and then they talked me into another deal for more. After a few months we got service up stairs. When I called and ask what the cancellation fee was they said 600.00 and I was like wow that crazy. So after a while I was paying a lot of money to dish for nothing and then they raised it 5 more dollars. I was not happy with dish at all. So I was talking to dish about the cancellation fee. They finally said I could cancel for 300.00. But yet again they talked me into another promotion. Keep in mind it never got close to 19.99 again. I was paying 60 to 70.00 dollars for the worst channels. So not to long ago they raised it 5.00 more. Around 5/30/14 I got an email saying about security and the receivers and that it doesn’t work with the ones we got and to call dish before 5/30/14 because if we don’t call they will cancel service so on 5/30/14 when I got the email I turned on my tv and I had no more channels. So I was fine with that. So I called them on the following Monday to see what was going on and to make sure they cancelled it. Well they said that I still had service and I told them I didn’t and they keep arguing with me. Then finally the lady said we will cancel you and no more charges. I said ok. They next day I wanted to check to see if it was canceled and it wasn’t I had to go thru this a few times. So when they finally cancelled it they said I owe them 60.00 for the early cancellation fee and I said dish cancelled me so why do I have to pay this and I told the lady not to charge my credit card on file. Well she did. Ok then I told they lady I was moving and that where I was going I could not get service there but they keep trying to make me move service to another place. I said how do I return the equipment since I will not be at my house anymore. She said I could go down to any post office or ups FedEx and get a shipping label and that I don’t have to pay for shipping back. Well no palace had anything like that I wasted more time and money on gas. So I called back and told them to ship the boxes to a place I could pick it up. Well I got an email saying I have to pay for shipping 17.00 per label and they even wrote down the wrong address. I can’t stand this anymore with dish. It feels like paying money to dish never end I got ripped off and I had to pay for the time I had no service to. I feel I should call better business bureau and small claims court. Please help. And I am leaving some things out because the list is long.

  22. Dish is the biggest joke in the world. I wouldn’t go back to them if they were the only provider of any kind of TV. Contract was up for years, called to cancel their service being polite as possible but after having to tell the idiot on the phone about 35 times that I don’t want or care to have their service anymore I lost it. Took 48 minutes to get them to cancel my account finally. Also had a $23 credit when it was all said and done. Then we get to the returning the equipment part….. they say it takes 5-7 business days to get their box and 5-7 business days for it to return and if it’s not in their grubby little paws by thirty days I’d get charged for the equipment…. do the math their folks not counting the weekends…. that’s when I unleashed and told them to send me the box but I’m going to go change my card number so they can’t try to stick it in any further on me and once they realized they wouldn’t have access to my bank account anymore I got put on hold for 5 minutes so they could conference with each other. OK so with a $23 credit and a $17 fee for the shipping label I still had a credit of $6. I told them it sounds like they could really use the extra money and just keep my $6. Send all my equipment back and 3 months later get a bill for $18.63 for the shipping label LoL this company is a joke. They are all trained to be flaming idiots and it’s just sad. I would hate to be employed by a company that can’t keep customers and acts so idiotic. I would love to sit in one of their training meetings. Beavis and Butthead comes to mind. End result…. Fuck Dish Network.

  23. Dish Network has not improved nor changed their deceptive trade practices…their Customer Service employees continue to be disrespectful and dishonest toward Dish customers who cancel service. They conceal and manipulate at the very start of every new contract for service….they and Dish technicians who install never inform customers about returning equipment policies….I recommend and encourage everyone who leaves Dish to file formal complaints with local BBB agency, retain an attorney for Small Claim Courts law suits, file a formal complaint with your State Attorney General’s office….and be sure to send Dish equipment back via registered and certified mail…so you will have proof and record that you did return the equipment… not ever trust Dish….they are trained and expected to get every $$ they can from Customers who cancel.

  24. I too have issues with Dish return policies. After my 2 year contract was up I dropped my service. After calling twice to get my shipping boxes as there is a time limit on getting the equipment back, I shipped the equipment back the next day via UPS. There was no shipping charge until a couple weeks later I got a bill for $36 or they would cancel my account. I had already cancelled my account and they had the equipment so I wouldn’t pay it. After all I paid 2 years of contract service – either they pay for shipping or I keep equipment I can’t use. Now after another 2.5 years they finally placed the none payment on my credit report. Two and a half years! Everyone needs to start writing to their BBB and your states attorney generals. All of these reports are class action material. Dish is so stupid if they think alienating every customer is a good business model.

  25. SAME THING,SO THEY ARE STILL PLAYING THEIR GAMES I was a premium customer for over 15 years.When I cancelled a couple months ago the rep said that they would be sending me return shipping labels. I immediately inquired if there was an incurred cost for this,and why dont you have a rep just come pick them up?.She stated that if I returned the equipment to them within a certain time-frame,there would be no incured cost to me,as they would waive the $32 charge.

    Fast forward……. after three conversations with Dish customer service,the $32 charge is in collections. I told the customer service rep to look for a new job,because Dish will not be solvent in a year’s time,and they deserve what they get.Bastards

  26. The saga continues with this very unprofessional company, we called and cancelled their internet back in March after several complaints to them previously. They were supposed to mail a box to ship back their faulty equipment, it is now the middle of May and still no box, but out of the goodness of their hearts are charging us $308. We were even given the direct name and number of their president. So so they believe and be believes that Nobody ever complains about their internet and that we declined tech support to come out, which by the Timothy finally knew we were fed up and canceling that we are at fault and we had to pay. Here is his name and number if that’s even legit Daniel Daldott and his direct line is 866-213-5814. Feel free to call, but he’s pretty uptight. Can’t wait to be done with them for good and then never again!!!!

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