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Holy Week Tomb Craft

Tomb Craft


There are several versions of this activity online, and this is what we did:

  • We went out into our yard, which was very wet from all the rain, and gathered some dirt (mud) and a few rocks and plants.
  • We used some decorative rocks and dried flowers to decorate as well
  • I put a small glass jar and covered it in the mud.  Then I put wheatberries (seeds) on top of the “tomb.”  These do not take long to grow and will cover the “tomb” in grass by Pascha.
  • We found a large rock to put in front of the “tomb”.
  • Later in the week, we will use an icon of Christ to hang on the cross and then transfer to the tomb.
  • On Pascha, the tomb will be empty!

Tomb Craft


Holy Week Craft for Children

Palm Sunday Craft

Today we began a craft for Holy Week. When it is complete, it will be an eight-piece chart containing Palm Sunday through Pascha. David made the piece for Palm Sunday:

This is a simple craft that you can make with your children, even very young ones, because a parent or older child can do the writing and cutting while the little ones glue and color.

The chart with directions is found below.  Click Holy Week Chart for Children to obtain the pdf version of the chart.

Holy Week Chart for Children

Holy Week Chart for Children

I used this as my inspiration and adapted it to fit
with the services of the Orthodox Holy Week.

A Calm Bottle

Calm Bottle

I have seen many types of Calm Jars online, especially on Pinterest, but when I came across this Calm Bottle, I knew I had to make one!

It is made with a SmartWater bottle, so it fits well into the hands of a younger child.  It is also unbreakable and smooth to the touch, which is important for those with sensory issues (just make sure you clean off all the glue residue).

I let my children pick out the colors that they found most soothing.  I agree that blue is a very calming color, so I’m glad that was the chosen one.  This entire project cost only a few dollars (the water bottle was the most expensive part!).

I followed the directions on My Crazy Blessed Life, adding a little clear glue at the end because the glitter took a very long time to sink to the bottom.  It works great!

Calm Bottle

Simple Felt Heart Banner

Valentine's Banner

How To Make A Simple Felt Heart Banner

To begin, find a color and type of felt that you would like to work with.
Using Pinking Shears, cut strips about 1 inch wide and several inches long. You can tweak this part however you would like and you can use several colors rather than just one.

I made a total of 24 hearts to fit across my fireplace mantel.
Valentine's Banner- pieces

To Sew the Top: Fold the felt strip in half and sew a line across. Knot and cut the thread.
Valentine's Banner- folded

To Sew the Bottom: Flip the two strips of felt so that it creates the top of the heart and join the ends together (see below). Sew together at the point; knot and cut the thread.
Valentine's Banner- heart

A Finished Heart:
Valentine's Banner- Finished Heart

To Connect the Hearts: Cut a very long string of thread and knot at the end.
Pinch each heart so that you can stick a needle through the sides
and the part that dips down (see photo below).
Then add another heart to the string and push the needle through.
You will do this until all of the hearts are on the string of thread.
It doesn’t have to look good because you will not position the hearts until the end.

Valentine's Banner- Connecting the Hearts

Creating the Ties: For this part, you can use anything you’d like. I used some yarn I had sitting on my desk at the time. You could use ribbons, twine, more thread or anything you can come up with. Just knot your ties to the ends of the thread and then hang.
Valentine's Banner- Adding Ties

Once you have attached the ties, you can spread and position the hearts.
Here is the finished product hanging below our fireplace mantel:
Valentine's Banner Finished