Holy Week Passport {Printable}

Holy Week Passport

I have created a Holy Week Passport to be used from Lazarus Saturday through Pascha.

Holy Week Passport

It is very simple and geared toward younger children; it doesn’t require any reading.

Each page has a drawing relating to the day that the child can color.
It also has space to either write or draw.

To treat it like a passport, and each time the child goes to service, use stickers from Sermon on the Sidewalk to “stamp” that page.  These can just be cut out and pasted in the blank areas on the pages.

Holy Week Passport

All you do is print out the booklet and then fold.  When you print, make sure your settings are landscape, two-sided and short-edge binding.
I used brads to complete our booklets, but you can use staples as well.


16 thoughts on “Holy Week Passport {Printable}

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  5. Dalia Fam

    Hello, this looks great! However, I am having a hard time downloading the Holy Week Passport (could be my slow internet?). Is it possible you could please email me the pdf?

    Thanks & God bless!

  6. Christina

    This looks great!! I’m also unable to download the file, and when I do, Adobe Reader says the file is damaged. Perhaps you can email me a copy?

    Happy Easter!

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  8. lindsay

    printed these out and printed some extras for other kids on the parish. Thanks so much, Michelle. Praying you and yours are well!


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