I’m Bored Jar *Printable*

I'm Bored jar

There are many different “I’m Bored Jars” all over the internet, especially on pinterest, but I wanted one that I could use specifically for Lent.

While there are many ideas that work all year long, I added a few to help with my children’s spiritual development as well.

You can print out a copy of the pdf ( ImBoredJarforLent ).

Feel free to tailor it to your needs.  Enjoy!I'm Bored jar
I'm Bored jar

3 thoughts on “I’m Bored Jar *Printable*

  1. Laura

    I printed this out and had it sitting on my bed, and my little reader came in and read the whole list! I told her to stop peeking! I may have to add a few surprises for her, I guess. I think this will be helpful for us!


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