Book Themed Birthday Party


A simple caption for the invitation:

(Insert Child’s Name)¬†wants to celebrate with you
Because that’s what friends love to do.
And if you’re wondering what to bring,
he/she thinks books are the very best thing!
As for a card, there’s no need to look,
Just sign your name inside the book.

Book Cupcakesc
Cupcake Toppers found here.

Bookworm idea found here.

Bookworm Pencil Topper craft found here.
The kids also made little bookmarks and decorated ABC cookies.


We also served alphabet and number cookies, fruit and veggies, and my birthday punch made with soda seltzer, frozen pink lemonade, and frozen blueberries.


You can see many more party ideas on my Pinterest Board!

9 thoughts on “Book Themed Birthday Party

  1. Kelly

    Great idea! Both of mine are tiny bookworms too. I’m going to have to do this for at least one of their birthdays.


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