A Review: The Hidden Garden by Jane G. Meyer

The Hidden Garden by Jane G. Meyer Our family has loved all of Jane G. Meyer‘s books, and The Hidden Garden: A Story of the Heart is no exception!  Our copy of Jane’s latest book arrived while we were away.

The next day, I sat down with our three year old and read the book to him.  He was enamored by the beautiful illustrations and listened intently to the story.  When we had read through the entire book, including the lovely section at the end called “To Help Tend Your Garden,” which contains practical tips for growing in the grace and love of God, I asked my son what he thought.

He paused for a moment and then said, “grow flowers in your garden, and grow beauty in your heart, too.”  I quickly wrote this down, so that I wouldn’t forget how he, a three year old child, was able to understand this book, rich in spiritual depth, which teaches such a beautiful lesson.

The Hidden Garden by Jane G. Meyer

The Hidden Garden: A Story of the Heart is an inspiring book that demonstrates the beautiful redemption that can be found through faith in Christ.  It is an encouragement for all, young and old, to seek beauty and truth in all things with the knowledge that God is always with us.  We need only to open the gate to let Him in, and our lives can be transformed.

I am not going to give anything away regarding the storyline,
so you better quickly go HERE and buy a copy for yourself!

3 thoughts on “A Review: The Hidden Garden by Jane G. Meyer

  1. Elizabeth

    I am hoping at some point to get this book for my godson and his siblings!! We are so blessed to have such wonderful children’s writers for the beloved children in our lives!!!

    Thank the Lord!


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