A Calm Bottle

Calm Bottle

I have seen many types of Calm Jars online, especially on Pinterest, but when I came across this Calm Bottle, I knew I had to make one!

It is made with a SmartWater bottle, so it fits well into the hands of a younger child.  It is also unbreakable and smooth to the touch, which is important for those with sensory issues (just make sure you clean off all the glue residue).

I let my children pick out the colors that they found most soothing.  I agree that blue is a very calming color, so I’m glad that was the chosen one.  This entire project cost only a few dollars (the water bottle was the most expensive part!).

I followed the directions on My Crazy Blessed Life, adding a little clear glue at the end because the glitter took a very long time to sink to the bottom.  It works great!

Calm Bottle

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