Bright Monday

Bright Week Bright Week Bright Week
Bright Week
One of our favorite days of the year is Bright Monday. Nathaniel takes a little bit of time of work, and we all go to church in the morning. It is usually a small crowd, since most people are at work or school. Then we go out to breakfast with our friends from church. Today, there we over thirty people who went out to brunch. While it was a bit loud and crazy, it was a lot of fun!

Holy Saturday

Holy Week


Great and Holy Saturday is the day on which Christ reposed in the tomb.
The Church calls this day the Blessed Sabbath.

Tonight, around 11pm, we will wake up and get everyone ready for the Pascha service.
It is hard to believe that Holy Week is over and soon we will celebrate Christ’s resurrection!

Holy Friday

Holy Week

All creation was changed by fear
when it saw Thee hanging on the cross, 0 Christ! The sun was darkened,
and the foundations of the earth were shaken.
All things suffered with the Creator of all.
0 Lord, who didst willingly endure this for us, glory to Thee!

Holy Week
Holy Week
The noble Joseph,
when he had taken down Thy most pure body from the Tree,
wrapped it in fine linen and anointed it with spices,
and placed it in a new tomb
Holy Week
Holy Week

Here are some lovely coloring pages
by Laura at Many Mercies

Holy Wednesday

Holy Week
Holy Week Holy Week

On Great and Holy Wednesday, the hymns of the Bridegroom Service remind us of the sinful woman who poured precious ointment on Christ’s head at Simon the leper’s house (Matthew 26:7).

The disciples complained about the wasteful extravagance, for the myrrh could have been sold and the money given to the poor. On this same day Judas agreed to betray the Lord for thirty pieces of silver. Because the betrayal took place on Wednesday, Orthodox Christians fast on most Wednesdays during the year.

On the other hand, the Savior declared that the woman’s actions would be remembered wherever the Gospel is preached (Matthew 26:13), for she had anointed Him in preparation for His burial (Matthew 26:12).

Dentists and Doctors and “Der”! Oh my!

This day definitely did not go as planned.  It began with David needing to have an infected tooth pulled.  He already had a protective covering on the tooth, but the infection grew underneath it.  Not a fun morning for him at all.  He was so brave, and I was very proud of him.

Then Gregory came down with a fever and an ear ache.  So, off we went to the doctor’s office.  We got the second to last appointment of the day.  He has a severe ear infection.  The doctor prescribed some numbing drops, which didn’t seem to work as quickly as he said they would.  Oh well, at least Gregory has something for the pain.

Take a picture for Grammy

“Take a picture for Grammy.”

While we were at the pharmacy, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning.  We were told to stay away from the front doors.  Gregory and I didn’t even get home until after 7pm.  Nathaniel ordered Chinese food for dinner just to make life a little bit easier.

All the storm brought was lots of rain, thunder and lightening.  Eric was terrified of the storm at first, but then started saying, “der! Der!” every time that he heard thunder.  He was very proud of himself.

I had planned on going to service tonight with a couple of kids, but, obviously, that didn’t happen.  Tomorrow is another day… and the kids are beginning to get excited for Pascha!

The Bridegroom Comes at Midnight

Holy Week

Behold the Bridegroom comes at midnight,
And blessed is the servant whom He shall find watching,
And again unworthy is the servant whom He shall find heedless.
Beware, therefore, O my soul, do not be weighed down with sleep,
Lest you be given up to death and lest you be shut out of the Kingdom.
But rouse yourself crying: Holy, Holy, Holy, are You, O our God!
Through the Theotokos have mercy on us!

Holy Week