Hellos and Goodbyes

The last 24 hours have been BUSY.

IMG_20150821_190845My friend, Mattie, and I went to Phoenix Friday in downtown Lexington. The Vespers played! I have been following their channel for a long time now, and I had no idea they were going to be in town. That was a very pleasant surprise. IMG_20150821_210322
We walked around downtown and came upon a showing of Beetlejuice in Triangle Park. We only watched it for a short while, but it was still fun.

This morning, I made chocolate chip pancakes for Gregory’s Birthday Breakfast.

Then, we had a small party for Grace and Gregory’s birthdays at Cut and Paste Craft Studio.  I highly recommend this place!  They were wonderful with the kids, it was affordable and it required very little effort on my part (a BIG plus at this point in my life!).


Then we met Cassie and her family
at Malibu Jack’s (Thanks, Aunt Lu for the gift card!).


Then we went to Chik-Fil-A for Gregory’s birthday dinner (his choice!).

It was non-stop!
I have been getting ready for our big Open House tomorrow.
If you are local, please join us between 2-9pm!

Calm Before the Storm

 Things are winding down here in Kentucky.
Nathaniel keeps saying that this is the “calm before the storm”.

Beginning tomorrow, we will be busy non-stop until we move away.
We have birthday parties, meeting some friends for the afternoon, Gregory’s birthday, our last Sunday at our wonderful parish, and the Open House at our home.
Then we will spend Monday finishing up anything we have left to do!
On Tuesday, Nathaniel will pick up the truck and the movers will load it up.

In the meantime,
Nathaniel and I have been spending time with friends,
and the kids have been having some extra playdates as well.


It is very difficult to say goodbye to the people
that we have known our entire married life!


Our parish sang “Many Years” to Gregory for his birthday, which is tomorrow!

We have been getting everything ready for our move,
which included A LOT of phone calls and paperwork!
I will be relieved when that is all done.


These days are flying by much too quickly…

Packing Up

Since I last posted, a lot has happened around here.

We found out that we were able to get the lease on the house that we wanted in Raleigh.  It seems really nice and is in a planned community, which means that, even though we can’t actually see it before we move, we are guaranteed some level of quality in the home and neighborhood.  We also didn’t see many photos of the home, but Google Streetview gave us a tour of the neighborhood.  Ours is the brick home in the middle:

Google Streetview of rentalOnce we sell our home in Kentucky, we will start looking to buy in the Raleigh-area.  We would like something with a bit of property and lots of trees.

So, this week, while Nathaniel was away on a business trip, I packed up almost the entire home.  I did have some help from two wonderful friends, which made a big difference.  I also had a moving sale this morning and was able to get rid of the big items that we did not want to take with us.  We are moving in less than TWO WEEKS!


Nathaniel left early Tuesday morning, and I spent the entire day packing. This was the result:
IMG_20150811_215524By today, it looks like this and there are about 20-30 more boxes scattered around the house. IMG_20150815_191621

This evening, we met Nathaniel, after his plan landed, at a local Kentucky restaurant to have our last dinner there before we move. IMG_20150815_170208Nathaniel ordered a Hot Brown, which is a famous local dish: IMG_20150815_171325
On the way home from dinner, we passed this beautiful spot that I love driving past, so I stopped the car and took a photo: IMG_20150815_180612I am definitely going to miss the beauty of Kentucky. 

The Lost Summer


I have had several friends call these last few months “the lost summer.”
I couldn’t agree more.

We decided in June that we were going to sell our home and move to Raleigh, NC.
In case you were wondering, no, I have never been there.
I’ve heard it is really nice, though.

So, we put the house on the market for ONE month.

Then we took it off the market and decided we would be better off painting *everything* and replacing the very worn carpets.  So, that is where we are right now.  If all goes to according to plan, we should know in a few days if we have secured the rental home that we really want.  Once we know that it is ours, we will reserve the moving truck and get things going with our home so that we can sell it.

It has been really difficult to be in limbo for several months.
I am at the point where I just need a plan.
Once I know when we are leaving, I can begin my goodbyes.

Ugh, I am not looking forward to that at all.
We’ve made so many wonderful friends during the nearly twelve years that we have lived here in Kentucky.  I know Kentucky gets a bad rap, but, seriously, it is GORGEOUS here.  I am going to miss the rolling hills, the horses, the clouds.

I am looking forward to this move,
but is hard to leave people that you love.
There are so many things, good things in store for our family,
so I am focusing on that and not all of the work I have to do to get us there.
I know it will all come together.
And I think this will be a step in the right direction for our family.
A new adventure…

4th of July


We started out the morning with a local parade.
IMG_20150704_103446We had a relaxing afternoon and then enjoyed some sparklers.
Eric had SO much fun!

And, of course, what it the 4th of July without apple pie?

Then the older three and I walked around the neighborhood
looking for good places to watch fireworks.
It was a LATE night!

Sirens Sounding


 I shared photos of the dark front that passed over us when we were at the park the other day, and here are some photos of the ominous weather that we had last night.

All of a sudden, it got really dark and windy.
Then we heard the tornado sirens going off.

A lot of local people were complaining that the sirens went off for no reason, but shortly after, photos from different people were shared online of clouds that looked like they were forming a funnel.

Our neighbor across the street shared this photo with our local Emergency Management
that is our house on the right.




Thankfully, no one was hurt, but there was a lot of damage done to trees and properties.

A New/Old Vanity

IMG_20150625_150608 A friend of mine was giving away a vanity that was given to her,
so Grace and I went to get it as soon as we could.
We were excited to re-paint it and reupholster the fabric.
11402999_10153358143625874_7718525589680503527_n IMG_20150624_203900

We used the purple paint from Grace’s room (two walls are purple and two are green) and just some fabric I had on hand.  For, basically, no money at all, we transformed the vanity to match Grace’s taste… and we had fun doing it together!

A Dark Front

We were playing at the park the other day when a dark front passed over us.

It moved right over our heads without a drop of rain, just some really strong winds.
And then we had clear skies until the evening.